Thoughts on 2017 New Quiltbloggers Bloghop

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In what is mostly an effort to make new friends in the quiltish community and learn some new things, I registered for the 2017 New Quiltbloggers Bloghop hosted by Quilting Jetgirl and Cooking Up Quilts.  I’m both excited and nervous about this little venture, although not so nervous that it will scare me off. 

Already, it has me thinking a great deal about my goals in blogging, my aspirations in quilting, and my hopelessly mediocre photography skills. Ultimately, I’m blogging mostly to chronicle my personal quilting adventures and maybe entertain with stories of silliness involving family, too many cats, and the dog who herds us all. I also follow several longarmer’s blogs and Instagram feeds because I desperately want to learn more about the skills and consider whether or not it’s something I could do, professionally.  I’ve seen quite the proliferation on the internet of quilters offering longarm services, but is the market becoming overly saturated?  Is it something I could develop over time into a full time gig?  Will my RA even allow me to move around in the ways I’d need to?  I also want to finish out my goal of really learning to design quilts in EQ7. 

I need to get to bed because the Real Job Requiring Full Time Attention must be tended to at the office all day tomorrow. I leave you now with a photo of a quilt in its natural habitat. I made this hourglass quilt for my daughter out of One Canoe Two’s Hazelwood fabric. 

Oh and I’ve joined Bloglovin’ for those who prefer a feeding of blogs. <a href=”https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/18771723/?claim=yvs4nsgt4b5″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on 2017 New Quiltbloggers Bloghop

  1. Hi. I’m getting the sewing down very well. But there is always something to learn. Trying to learn how to write my own patterns. The blogging has many area where I’m lost. Trying to set up links, header, bio, etc. That’s why I’m here. Others learning just like me. Have a great day.

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